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It began with the forging of the great sewing needle.

In all seriousness...after watching the films I got the idea that maybe I could make custom LOTR costumes for others. These were my pre-cosplay days. 

Here you will find photos I made of a sample booklet for this idea (it was part of a school project to demonstrate publisher.) At the time I did not pursue this as a serious business venture- other dreams and adventures took the front row. So this idea was placed on the backburner. 

After rediscovering my high-school project (and getting into cosplay myself) I decided I really wanted to make cosplay for others. Seeing the joy on people's faces when they get to dress up as their beloved character- or even meet someone else dressed as their favorite character was a motivational driver for sure. I also really love seeing a project come from its base materials into a beautiful and completed project.

Since then I have had the privilege to work with some great cosplayers around the world! As well as making various cosplays spanning comics, anime, cartoons, and movies!
I hope that you enjoy my passion as much as I do!

(Can you tell I have been a huge LOTR fan since I was introduced to the books in high school.)

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Fellow LOTR Fans gather together! 

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