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Hello ^.^

My name is Catherine AKA Chibi Bubbles and I am a cosplayer and creator (if you could not already tell). 


I was interested in cosplay before I even knew that it was called cosplay. This happened when I became a major fan of the Lord of the Rings movies and wanted to start a business making the costumes from the movies. (Something that remained stuck in the idea stage.) 

My love for anime started even earlier than that... as a kid, I remember watching shows like Sailor Moon and rewatching “My neighbor Totoro” far too many times with my brother and sister. 

It was again in high school that I started to find anime again and really appreciate it. 


I had a rediscovery, of sorts, of cosplay when I was living in Los Angeles and ran across Anime Expo for the first time. After seeing all the joy of the cosplayers and the community I was hooked! 

I started a commission business to help others with their cosplay goals and went to as many cons as I could afford. I even ran some panels and ran cosplay repair at cons such as Anime Expo. 

Now that I have moved, I am honored to still work with Anime Midwest to provide cosplay repair for con-goers. 


I plan to get more involved with my local cosplay community and attending local conventions more. I would also love to travel again to some of the conventions that I started out at in Los Angeles and expand worldwide someday!


I look forward to making more helpful content for the community such as tutorials and cosplay tips and tricks.

To stay up to date with the latest updates you can subscribe, follow me on Instagram or subscribe to me on youtube! I hope to see you there! 

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