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Chibi Bubble's Cosplay Freshener

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Let’s face it most of us cannot just throw our cosplay in the wash like our socks.

Most cosplayers are left with only one choice- dry cleaning.

This can get pretty pricey.

What if you want to wear your cosplay two days in a row but you do not have time to get it dry- cleaned?

Or you are at a hotel and there are no washing machines?

This is where Chibi Bubble’s Cosplay Freshener comes in handy.

Just hang your cosplay- mist the freshener on the inside and leave it to air dry. Mist a little more heavily in areas that are especially smelly. (DO NOT soak the fabric!)

Apply the mist and dry process on the inside then outside of your cosplay until the smell is gone.

All Natural

Non- Toxic

Anti- Microbial

Tested on most fabrics: Denim, Wool, Cotton, Silk, Synthetic, Jersey/”tshirt”

Caution: For Directed USE ONLY

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